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About Giles Foreman,
our Coaching Team,

& our ethos


Giles Foreman

“I was fortunate to have trained at the Drama Centre London during perhaps a golden era, when it was considered by many to be at height of it’s powers - led by the renowned Christopher Fettes & Yat Malmgren, with Reuven Adiv amongst many inspiring influences at DCL. I was inspired in my acting career by their immense knowledge, insight and leadership - and since then, as an acting coach, it has been my mission to continue to honour and develop their vision. 

Our Centre in Soho is modelled on the Drama Centre’s guiding principles - utilising the work of Uta Hagen & Lee Strasberg - and from Analysis to Movement Psychology. Our concept is contemporary, so perhaps the teaching is framed in a kinder, more consensual way - but with no less vigour - and many of our graduates are finding major success in the industry. 

We have our own International accreditation with ASIC; GFCA tutors are experienced practitioners, and many of them are drawn from the Drama Centre; we count many industry members as friends and colleagues, who are happy to attend our showcases and live presentations.

In 2015 we published Christopher’s book ‘A Peopled Labyrinth’ - which has allowed the profound work of Character Analysis to reach a worldwide audience. 

All these are major achievements, of which we are justly proud; and so in 2024 we look to expand the vision further, while keeping our training affordable for aspiring actors worldwide.” 

Our core coaching team

All our coaches are experienced professionals

Our Ethos

'Prospero’s Isle' was the title of the foreword to the student prospectus of the original Drama Centre London, founded in 1963 - written by Christopher Fettes, co-founder. 

Actor A: Anyone in front to-night? 

Actor B: Not a soul. 

… Merely 1,200 members of the paying public.  

What do they require of you? 

GFCA's mission is to carry forward the ethos of the original Drama Centre London, developed to nurture and support the actors of today and tomorrow. We have the expertise to prepare for the future needs of the Industry. 

"The Giles Foreman Centre for Acting is the natural successor to the (original) Drama Centre London"

Christopher Fettes, 2018 

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