GFCA CHARACTER ANALYSIS workshops in London and Internationally

Character Transformation: the extraordinary work of Yat Malmgren

The internationally renowned CHARACTER ANALYSIS/MOVEMENT PSYCHOLOGY technique of Yat Malmgren – the man who completed Laban’s theory of Movement Psychology and brought it to the acting world. He trained an array of internationally renowned actors – Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Hardy, Helen McCrory, Gwendoline Christie, Michael Fassbender – to name but a few.
We offer various ways into this fascinating work –
– online courses to explore the 4 stages with Giles, followed by practical courses ‘live’
– practical sessions with Giles during our advanced 4-week workshops
– intensive workshops to study in depth all four stages (see below).

Learn how to interpret the inner and outer life of your characters with exceptional accuracy. Sensitise your instrument to a spectrum of energies allowing you to build extraordinary layered characters.

The work is ideal for actors, directors and writers wishing to learn and then explore in-depth the technique developed initially by Rudolf Laban and his assistant William Carpenter; later completed by Yat Malmgren and taught by him and by Christopher Fettes, founders of Drama Centre, London.

Having further developed the teaching in collaboration with Christopher Fettes and others during the last nine  years, Giles Foreman is now a leading contemporary exponent in the UK and across Europe. He leads the workshops along with expert colleagues.

Each approach involves the progressive unfolding of the constituent parts of the technique, followed by opportunities to embody what has been covered through practical exploration and in acting exercises.

We offer a series of four intensive workshops devised for those wishing to understand and then explore the technique in more depth. Taught by Giles, leading contemporary exponent in the UK and Internationally, these workshops are designed to introduce actors to the work  – as taught at Drama Centre, London when he trained there, and now teaches at GFCA’s centres.

It is essentially a fusion of Stanislavski, the American evolution of the method, with European classicism and the extraordinary work of Yat Malmgren – a fascinating analysis of human expression accompanied by a series of practical acting exercises that lead the actor to psychologically and physically accurate transformation, using characters from Shakespeare (among others) and contemporary references as a basis.

The workshops are underpinned by the authoritative book on the subject written by Christopher Fettes, and published by GFCA in 2015: ‘A PEOPLED LABYRINTH’.

The book in use

The book in use

We offer this amazing system across Europe and in America – Full details on our International centres
GFCA Zurich, GFCA Paris, GFCA Luxembourg, and  GFCA New York – We also offer workshops in major cities across Europe.