Character Analysis/Movement Psychology

At last, in London again!

A set of 4 Intensive 5-day  Character Analysis workshops devised for actors wishing to understand and then explore in-depth the technique developed by Yat Malmgren and Christopher Fettes, founders of Drama Centre, London. Taught by the leading contemporary exponent in the UK and across Europe, Giles Foreman; and expert colleagues.

Stage 1 Character Analysis workshop in session

Stage 1 Character Analysis workshop in session

The set of four weeks: between January – June 2015
(The Basics) January 26 – 30 2015
(The Inner Attitudes) February 9 – 13 2015
(The Externalised Drives) March 30 – April 3 2015
(The Confluence of Externalised Drives.) April 27 – May 1 2015

Fee for each workshop £350 (£1,400 in total)*
£100 deposit to reserve a place, instalments available*.
The workshops involve the progressive unfolding of the constituent parts of the technique, together with opportunities to embody what has been covered, by practical exploration in acting exercises.
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This technique is based on the psychological theories of Carl Jung (Sensing, Thinking, Intuiting and Feeling) and the work of Rudolph Laban. Laban was the architect of European Contemporary Dance who essentially conducted an extraordinary comprehensive analysis of human expression

yat malmgrenYat Malmgren recognised that this would prove to be a powerful tool for the actor and went on to complete Laban’s theory. He extended Laban’s ideas by creating a psychological typology which brings together Laban and Stanislavsky. Inner motivation and outer expression leading to the detailed and accurate construction of character.

This work was placed at the heart of Yat’s original acting studio in London and later at the Drama Centre London. The technique is familiar to all the students of Yat including Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Colin Firth, Helen McRory, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Simon Callow and all the many accomplished artists taught over the course of 50 years’ work.

“I found the Giles Foreman Character Analysis workshop illuminating and inspiring. Very challenging at times, but always great fun.
Despite having gone to drama school, it was the first time I was given a thorough, incisive insight into the inner and outer workings of the human personality. No longer a case of intuitive guessing and trial by error – work on a character became a reliable and exact breakdown of the innumerable aspects that apply to each and every one of us: how we sense, think, intuit and feel; how the emphases and combinations of these ‘mental factors’ affect the type of person we are, the way we tick and relate to the world and the people around us; how all this is coloured by each character’s specific, individual background, and how our outward expression is a direct reflection of our inner state.
This course gave me a new, exciting and intricate vocabulary that I can apply to analyse not only every character I am called upon to portray, but to every person I see! Perhaps the most important thing for me, though, was to find out how I myself tick, not only for self-knowledge, but to clearly see the work I have to do as an actor to change from what I am as a person to the character I am playing.”

DC (Munich Workshop)

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