The Character Analysis Book

This is the defining book on Character Analysis.
Written by Christopher Fettes: A Peopled Labyrinth was published by GFCA in September 2015, and has been bought worldwide ever since, by those seeking in-depth understanding. It provides a thorough explanation and interpretation of the method of Character Analysis developed by Yat Malmgren, out of Rudolf Laban’s work.

Christopher Fettes

Christopher Fettes

The book was launched at a flagship event here at GFCA London, attended by many former Drama Centre London alumni and colleagues, in September 2015. Subsequently the book was launched at the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University, Sweden, in November 2015, and at the Players Club, New York on 1 February 2016.

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The book is available for purchase by visitors to our GFCA London studio, and online via
ISBN 978-0-9932775-0-4

The Laban-Carpenter Theory of Movement Psychology, adapted and brought to completion by Yat Malmgren, fully described and interpreted by Christopher Fettes.
Hard-back edition: 360 pages, full-colour.
The Theory described in four parts: The Components; The Inner Attitudes; The Externalised Drives; The Confluence of Externalised Drives. Complete with extensive commentary by the author, illustrated by copious examples: with diagrams, biographies, bibliography and a foreword by Colin Firth.

The book in use

The book in use

The launch of this book marked the completion of 4 years of intense work that was designed to bring into being a long overdue, thorough and complete analysis of the theory. It will prove invaluable as a tool for future students, and serve to preserve this extraordinary work for generations to come.

Information about the book

Information about the book

For more information on the work, click on the links below:

The Guardian newspaper obituary – Yat Malmgren

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Soul of the American Actor – article

January 2017: Swedish Radio podcast SPOTLIGHT – about Yat Malmgren, and the work. Including recordings made in 2000 with him and with Christopher Fettes at Drama Centre, plus commentary from Simon Callow and Pierce Brosnan.

Simon Callow speaking about the book, Christopher and Yat – in advance of the NYC book launch.

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