Advanced Intensive Diploma 2016



INDUSTRY SHOWCASE – 16 November, 1 & 7 pm (this is an Industry event, by invitation only; so, to reserve seats please get in contact by email)
DEMONS, by Lars Norén – directed by Giles Foreman; 23 – 26 November at 7.30, with two 1 pm matinees on the 24 and 25th
DYING FOR IT, by Moira Buffini – directed by Alex Israel; 6 – 10 December at 7.30 with a 1 pm matinee on the 8th


Demons 23-26 November 2016

Demons 23-26 November 2016

6 - 10 December, DYING FOR IT

6 – 10 December, DYING FOR IT

Hapless hero Semyon Semyonovich

Hapless hero Semyon Semyonovich

Serafima and Masha come to terms

Serafima and Masha come to terms


Professional Intensive Diploma: graduating group:

Léa Anderson
LÉA ANDERSON is french, and has a classical dance training. She trained as an actor at the Ecole Claude Mathieu for two years and took workshops in Meisner Technique, Chekhov’s Method, Camero and movement while in Montreal. She played the role of Masha in Three Sisters; and in the Term 3 plays – Clytemnestra/Chorus in the Oresteia, and Poet/ensemble in the devised play ‘Refugee’.
Sofia Atman
SOFIA ATMAN is Belgian/ French. She trained as a violinist in Belgium before starting at drama school in Paris. Afterwards she worked with theatre companies in Paris and Switzerland, and on films, television – most recently in ‘Versailles’ – and voice-overs. She played the Pregnant Woman/ensemble in the Term 3 devised play ‘Refugee’, and Cassandra & Cilissa in the Oresteia.
Coco Azoitei
COCO AZOITEI studied violin at the Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music, winning several prizes before working full time as a soloist and chamber musician, including 2 years in the BBC Concert Orchestra. She decided to pursue acting while appearing as a stage musician in a Headlong Theatre production of Strinberg’s ‘Easter’. Coco has studied at GFCA since 2012, part time until 2015. Her roles include Natasha in ‘Three Sisters’, The Mother/ensemble in the devised play, ‘Refugee’, and Cassandra & Cilissa in the Oresteia.
Dalibor Bajunovic
DALIBOR BAJUNOVIC is Swiss/Bosnian – he speaks English, German, Serbo-Croat and Russian. He has appeared in several short films selected for film festivals and theatre productions including the Teacher in The Visit by Friedrich Durrenmatt. He did several workshops in New York and Los Angeles before he started his studies at GFCA London. Whilst training he has played Chebutikin and Andrey in Three Sisters, and Watchman, Servant, Chorus in the Oresteia.
David Beatty
DAVID BEATTY is an English actor from London. While studying English Literature at Queen Mary College he made short films and was in a production of King Lear at the open-air Minack Theatre in Cornwall, after which he joined group 5 of the intensive professional program He played Coastguard & Bashir in the Term 3 devised play ‘Refugee’, and Agamemnon in the Oresteia.
Marc Bosch
MARC BOSCH is from Spain; he started his training at Eolia drama school in Barcelona where he performed in stage productions and short movies whilst in a theatre company. After studying for a University degree in Humanities, he came to London to train at GFCA; having gained a Distinction in the Foundation Acting Diploma, he is now completing the Post Graduate Intensive Acting Programme; in Term three he played Orestes in the Oresteia.
Paula Cassina
PAULA CASSINA was born in Brazil and later moved to NYC, taking acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Institute. After living in London and Qatar and studying painting, she moved back to London to pursue acting. Plays include Ghosts by Ibsen, Aristocrats by Brian Friel, Present Laughter by Noel Coward, Cherry Orchard and Three Sisters; Death and The Maiden by Ariel Dorfman, Orpheus Descending and Sweet Bird of Youth by Tenessee Williams. In Term three, she played Chorus Leader in the Oresteia.
Chris Dascalopoulos
CHRISTOPHER DASCALOPOULOS is from London and appeared in fringe productions before training. After completing the GFCA Foundation course where he played Ben in ‘The Dumb Waiter’ and Lee in ‘Motortown’, he joined the PGIP Actor/Director route. Recent credits include Russell in ‘Rumble’, Tuzenbach in ‘Three Sisters’, Firas/ensemble in the recent devised play ‘Refugee’, and Chorus Leader & Pylades in the Oresteia.
Jesper Eriksson
JESPER ERIKSSON was born in Sweden. He started acting in theatres across Stockholm during his education in natural sciences. He branched out behind the camera, creating videos for Avicii, Coca Cola, Ralph Lauren and H&M; his work has grossed over 530 million views on the internet and featured in Billboard and Rolling Stone. Jesper is currently pursuing his directing, writing and acting career in London. In Term three he played Orestes & Calchas in the Oresteia.
Julien Floreancig
JULIEN FLOREANCIG is a french actor, based in London. Having trained with several teachers in Paris, he joined GFCA in 2015. He has appeared in several short French television series and independent movies which appeared in festivals; theatre roles include Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. He was recently seen as Basil in the independent movie Les Enfants Fous which will be shown in September, in festivals all over France. In Term three he played Aegisthus in the Oresteia.
Oriana Gordon
ORIANA GORDON is British-German; she grew up in Germany and is now based in London. After completing her Foundation diploma at GFCA, she is now completing the advanced professional intensive programme. Credits include: Marley in Motortown by Simon Stephens, Natasha in Three sisters by Anton Chekhov, Marlene Dietrich in a short film; and Electra in Aeschylus’ Oresteia in Term three.
Nikola Kot
NIKOLA KOT is trilingual and comes from Poland. At the age of 16 she moved to Warsaw to start her training in the Acting Studio Ognisko Teatralne ”U Machulskich” and in stage singing. She studied acting part-time and summer workshops at GFCA in London prior to starting the PGIP course; in Term three she played Electra in the Oresteia.
Sirelyn Raak
SIRELYN RAAK started her training in dance and musical theatre with Millennium Performing arts before continuing her journey at GFCA. Prior to her acting training she was involved in stage and video productions as a dancer in UK, Sweden, Estonia and Switzerland. After graduation she hopes to continue her international path as a multi-faceted performer. She played Clytemnestra & Chorus in the Oresteia, in Term three.
Bogart Rooney (directing route)
BOGART ROONEY is originally from Canada. He began training as an actor two years ago when he came to GFCA for the Foundation ATCL diploma. Previous credits include Lammermier in ‘Barren Spring’ (dir. Giles Foreman), Paul in Motortown (dir. Dylan Brown), Donald Trump/ensemble in the Term 3 devised play ‘Refugee’ (dir. Lindsay Richardson), and Herald/Chorus/Pylades in the Oresteia (dir. Giles Foreman).
Joseph Russell
JOSEPH RUSSELL is from London. In 2009 he joined the Tricycle Theatre Company and performed in numerous plays. In 2013 he completed the Shakespeare and Contemporary course at Guildhall school of music and Drama, where he played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, and Nick in ‘What are They Like?’, Nigel Farage/ensemble in the Term 3 devised play ‘Refugee’, and Aegisthus/Chorus in the Oresteia.
Nabila Vollmeier
NABILA VOLLMEIER is Italian-Swiss and speaks 5 languages fluently. Before moving to the UK she appeared in small-scale theatre productions in Switzerland and has a variety of experience on film, including the short film ‘Carvina’ which has been selected for various independent film festivals in Italy. In Term three, she played Chorus Leader in the Oresteia.


Earlier events:

Our 2015-16 Advanced Professional Intensive Diploma students in their second public production in Term Three – THE ORESTEIA – directed by Giles Foreman at Theatro Technis in Camden, ran from 26 – 30 July 2016.

female choruss from the Oresteia; the libation-bearers

female chorus from the Oresteia; the libation-bearers

The Oresteia


The first public performances of REFUGEE – a piece researched and devised by the group in response to current events – took place on 5 & 6 July, with further performances scheduled during late 2016/early 2017. Project directed by Lindsay Richardson.



Advanced Professional Intensive Diploma - Group 5

Advanced Professional Intensive Diploma – Group 5

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