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Actor-Director route

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Who is this route designed for?

Directing demands multiple skills and personal qualities: intellectual capacity and imagination, resourcefulness and flexible thinking, intuition and self-awareness among others. A director needs to be able to work with various different kinds of artists involved in directing – actors of course; but also writers, designers, musicians, production specialists.

This route is designed to develop an understanding of technical and creative story-telling skills predominantly for theatre, but also film - building on practical experience of the acting process, as an integral member of the acting group.


More information

During the first three terms, actor-directors are integrated within the Acting Diploma group.

From term 4 onwards, Actor-Directors continue with group classes, but begin additionally to analyse, prepare and direct scenes. They build their understanding of how to work with actors in rehearsal, supported by Giles Foreman and other GFCA coaches, and may assist GFCA directors with live projects.

In the final term they choose, cast, rehearse and direct a play for assessment, to which members of the industry are invited. There is also an option for a 6th Summation term.

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