Actor’s Self & Character’s Ego

Actor’s Self & Character’s Ego: Masterclass
An Intensive 3-day Course for Actors, facilitated by New York-based Acting coach Mario Golden.
Dates to be confirmed; 10am to 6pm

Understanding a character’s ego structure and psycho-spiritual issues provides actors with a powerful set of tools.

This specialised intensive workshop takes participants through a journey of self-discovery as they look at their own ego structure as if it were that of a character they were studying. This unique approach gives participants valuable insights not only into their own nature but human nature in general. More to the point, it teaches them how to look at a character’s life story (as revealed through script) to identify the character’s main egoic conflicts and spiritual dilemmas, and to play them out within the parameters of the character’s arc and story.
Basic explanations and dynamic group and individual exercises support participants in using the information and tools they learn to create emotionally rich, multidimensional characters — and true-to-life performances with an unforgettable edge.

The ego identity — that is to say the personality, or simply ego — is the sense of self most people embrace throughout life. According to depth psychology, a person’s ego is a layered psychodynamic structure composed of largely unconscious identifications. The identifications are formed in early infancy as part of a person’s developmental process. They reflect the core relations between the infant and his/her parents (or primary caretakers), known as object relations. The themes of these object relations are replayed over and over as long as they remain unconscious in a person’s psyche.

Spiritually speaking, the ego identity is entirely constructed and not the true identity of an individual. A spiritual perspective supports the research of depth psychology and object relations theory, but goes beyond it. It reveals that at the core of the ego there lies a hole that can never be filled. Universally, this is experienced as an inner emptiness, a gnawing and pervasive sense that one’s essential nature is missing or has somehow been lost. The emptiness triggers deep fears and plenty of compensations. Inevitably, it must be dealt with if one wishes to discover one’s essential identity and real presence in the world.
Small group-size.