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5-session Meisner Technique – Tuesday evening each week, 13 February – 12 March 2024

6.30-9.30 pm 

An introduction to the acclaimed Meisner Technique led by Odne Stenseth – designed for beginner-to-intermediate actors
Learn the basics of the method! For more information, please enquire.


5-session Acting Foundation – Saturday afternoon each week, 17 February – 16 March 2024

1-5 pm 

A special acting course led by Mandana Jones, Sam Goodchild, Lindsay Richardson – designed for beginner-to-intermediate actors who might be considering making the leap into training professionally.
Learn the basics of the Drama Centre London training, as offered at GFCA

  • How to open, unblock and and free your talent and instrument.
  • How to explore text and start to develop characters.
  • Objectives and activities
  • Physical life
  • Scene work
  • Improvisation
  • and much more…

All of this in a totally supportive, fun and creative, yet professional atmosphere. At the end of the course, participants may choose to audition for the highly successful GFCA full-time intensive professional training

acting classes


INTRODUCTORY Classes are for anyone interested in finding out more about acting, and entrance is by application – you can arrange to come in and discuss, if you’d like to find out more!

  • ACTING BASICS / ENTRY-LEVEL Workshop 5 days full-time
  • ACTING FOUNDATION / PROGRESSION 5-sessions part-time

Here participants can start to discover real acting theory, technique and practice. Begin to learn to use oneself and one’s own resources to ‘leave oneself alone’; to be open, private in public and able to follow an impulse; begin to understand the concept of super and scenic objectives, text analysis, and a range of methods for building characters. All of this occurs through a series of exercises and scene rehearsal.

PROGRESSION (INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL) classes are designed to be more demanding and rigorous; with more advanced exercises and a wider range of scene-work. People are also encouraged to join the technical classes of voice and movement – which are vital if one wishes to truly access one’s potential to be a professional actor.

Courses are designed for all actors with some training, who want to push themselves further in their craft and are ready to commit. Classes are structured to the individual acting-needs of the participants, to unlock authenticity and truthfulness, and explore the infinite possibilities within us all.

ADVANCED Those with a wider range of previous experience or training may join our more intensive ADVANCED  WORKSHOPS and classes – ideal for people who are thinking of committing to acting more comprehensively, also for those who plan to audition for our FULL-TIME ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL INTENSIVE TRAINING.


An actor’s training does not cease the moment they leave Drama School – and of course, in many ways it has only just begun. (For instance, Stanislavski believed that it was impossible to become a truly accomplished actor before the age of 40…). It is vitally important that –  like athletes or musicians – actors continue to practise and refine their skills, and to develop new ones.

As we all know, acting can be a ruthlessly competitive industry – increasingly so. Few of us get the opportunity to work all the time, and actors need to find new ways to stay focussed – so it is important to find a forum where one can practise, tune skills and stay competitive – while feeling creative, and finding inspiration.

GFCA aims to provide high-level classes and workshops in various disciplines, at reasonable prices. We are also at the heart of a community of actors, writers and directors; many projects and working partnerships arise out of these sessions.

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GFCA industry-relevant actor training for all levels