Our short intensive SUMMER, WINTER, SPRING SCHOOLS run during each year, and are suited to various levels of experience and training – please ask if you’d like to know more by talking to one of our team.
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* We do NOT charge application fees for our short courses and workshops.


INTERNATIONAL ACTOR-TRAINING IN LONDON! 4 weeks of intensive training with Giles Foreman and expert colleagues, including Character Analysis Stages 1 & 2, acting, movement, voice, and options to explore London’s attractions! Prices, dates

5-day and 10-day “AUDITION-BLITZ!” Workshops

AUGUST: 10 – 6pm, Monday – Friday [5/10-day].
Also, DECEMBER dates [5-day]
An intensive workshop to help you really rock that audition! Develop your confidence and gain the skills you need. Intensively-coached sessions in Acting, with sessions in Voice, Movement, Improvisation and Audition-preparation taught by the Centre’s teaching team of leading professional coaches.
Ideally suited to those applying for Drama School or University courses in Acting and similar performance-related subjects, and those who are relatively early in their performing career. Minimum age 17, no maximum.

Play-reading in session

Play-reading in session

Over the course of the workshop you receive

  • focussed teaching from experienced acting and specialist-subject coaches
  • the opportunity to work in-depth on your audition pieces, and gain immediate feedback on how to maximise their impact.
  • dynamic sessions in acting, movement, voice/singing and improvisation
  • insight into audition-situations, and the chance to practice personal presentation skills
  • advice on how to gain the most out of the audition experience itself
  • a question-and-answer session with a top casting director
  • a practice-audition on the final afternoon in front of an experienced panel.

This course includes the option to audition for the GFCA Intensive Advanced programme.

Email us to book in!


APRIL / AUGUST / DECEMBER: 10:30 – 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday we run our successful intensive ACTING SCHOOL for 5 days:

Taught by experienced members of the teaching team at GFCA.
With sessions in Voice, Movement, Meisner Technique and Improvisation, around a strong core of acting and presentation-skills, you are encouraged to develop your range and confidence. 
Here you can learn exactly what acting is from many perspectives. You are introduced to the technical skills needed to expand your imaginative powers, learn how to use yourself and your experiences in your acting, how to breathe life into characters, how to break down a script and much much more!

Dance warmup

Dance warmup

By the end of the course you may well decide to explore acting on a deeper level in regular acting classes or workshops at the Centre. Even if not, you will be able to apply many of these skills in other walks of life, and hopefully, will feel far more confident in your ability to communicate in public. Suitable for age 17+, with no upper age-limit.
The Centre is one of the best institutions for studying acting in London, and the techniques taught are drawn from that of the great acting teachers of the world, from Stanislavski through to Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner and Stella Adler.
No interview required before starting, but book early as places fill fast.


AUGUST: 10-6 pm, Monday – Sunday.

The Centre runs its successful INTERNATIONAL ACTING SUMMER SCHOOL for advanced actors each summer in the second week of August, led by leading acting-coach Giles Foreman.
This course is designed for advanced actors: Giles Foreman takes participants through the process he has developed, drawing on various interpretations of the Method and fusing them into a practical cohesive whole, providing the participants with a powerful pathway to achieving astonishingly authentic, layered and satisfyingly complex characterisations.
The course is intensive yet fun, and participants leave with many tools and discoveries to add to their own methodologies. Running daily from 10 am to around 6 pm, there is also time to go and see a show and experience the vibrant cultural and entertainment scene in London.

The course in detail:

  • Initially we look at ways of opening up and revealing the self so as to achieve real intimacy in performance. We plumb the actors’ resources, opening them to parts of themselves they had previously not accessed for their acting work. They also discover methods which assist them to dramatically increase their creativity in rehearsal, by developing instinct and the ability to surrender to impulses.
  • This is followed by a rigorous system of textual and character analysis influenced by the work of Christopher Fettes and the Yat Malmgren system of Movement Psychology.
  • We then move on to developing truthful characterisation through a series of exercises – the character object exercise, character private moment and the character interview.
  • We work on monologues of the participants’ choice, and scenes from a common text to be announced once we know the basic make-up of the group.

Email us to register.

• All Prices – click here. Full payment must be made 3 weeks before the course begins – preferably by bank transfer into the Centre’s account, or by debit card over the phone – however a deposit of £120 will reserve a place before that date. All Dates – click here.

Soho Theatre and bar, 2 doors away

Soho Theatre and bar, 2 doors away

• We endeavour to assist people in finding accommodation during their stay in London, including inexpensive hostels and rooms, possibly with current Centre members.
Please contact us if you require any further information.

Jazz at Pizza Express on Dean St.

Jazz at Pizza Express on Dean St.