part-time courses

PART-TIME COURSES – some of our evening and weekend options.

Improvisation This class is designed to help you approach working without a script, and to experience the immediacy of the work of the actor, using intuition and the power of the imagination. The course covers essential principles for improvisation based on the inspirational work of Keith Johnstone and Viola Spolin.

Classes start with a physical warm-up created to free the body and mind, and are structured through a variety of games, team-building exercises, scene work and devising which allows you to find your spontaneity and inspiration without interference. The class is encouraged to experiment with creativity, narrative and storytelling.

Approaching a scene with the absence of blocks and judgement and truly experiencing the world moment-by-moment is what gives a scene truth and dramatic strength.
Develop the confidence to be truly in the moment and embrace the stage as a blank canvas, to co-create new living performances.

The awareness, openness and understanding of the needs of the scene that improvisation skills can bring are invaluable goals for any actor.
Taught by Jane Colenutt and Dave Bourn.

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10 x 2.5-hour sessions.

On Camera demystifies the relationship with the camera, providing essential technique and giving rigorous attention to the detail, fluency of thought, emotional and physical life required in acting for film and television. Classes cover the day-to-day realities of filming – framing, timing, hitting your mark, the constraints of continuity as well as the transmission of a character’s inner life with and without words, all the while engaging intimately with the camera.

A typical class involves targeted exercises, exploration of preparation-techniques and analysis/interpretation, but practice with the camera is central, through work on monologues or scenes. The class reviews the work, and develops through observation, practice and reflection.

The class is for people who have already developed some acting technique.

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10 x 2.5-hour sessions – weekday evening