Post-graduate plays 21 July – 1 August

Two post-graduate play presentations in July!
Franziska flyer

Franziska by Frank Wedekind, directed by Alex Israel
21-25 July 2015, at GFCA in Soho.

In an absurdist world where a woman can pretend to be a man for two years and get away with it, Franziska contains one of the greatest cons never told. The play explores the dangers of a selfish society consumed with lies, jealousy and a constant need for control. An opinionated world where the inhabitants will do whatever they can to get ahead. Within this is one girl who thinks she can play this system to her advantage, but will she ever find what she’s really looking for?

THE BACCHAE directed by Giles Foreman
at Theatro Technis
from 28 July to 1 August 2015
“City-regulation, repression and rule clash with wilderness-living, fertility and instinct…”

The Bacchae

The Bacchae

The young god Dionysus returns to his birthplace in Thebes determined to clear his mother’s name and punish the ruler Pentheus for refusing to allow people to worship him. However, Pentheus’ mother Agave leads the wild band of shamanic women who follow Dionysus, and he lures Pentheus into spying on their ecstatic rituals… And so, destiny unfolds …