NEW! Events, dates, prices coming up

NEW! Events, dates, prices coming up

All NEW courses, workshops, special events are announced here first!

Get in touch, for more information or to book in for one of our exciting offers!

AUDITIONS for our intensive acting courses starting Autumn 2019 – new dates. This is for you, if you haven’t found your drama school place yet – even though you may feel you’re hitting your stride now in the auditions. We don’t want you to miss out on finding a place to train!
FOUNDATION ACTING DIPLOMA – By interview, get in touch to arrange a date.

2019 Auditions are open!

Please note that Scholarship applications are to be received by 6 July each year.

FULL-TIME programme dates
Advanced Intensive Acting Diploma (PGIP) and Actor/Director diploma:
Full-time 16-month [September of Year 1 – December of Year 2] beginning  27 September 2019 – 30 December 2020

9-month Foundation ATCL Acting Diploma (weekday evenings & Saturdays) from 23 September 2019 – 12 July 2020,

5-DAY ACTING new dates in April 2019 – please enquire – our successful Intensive workshop includes acting, voice, movement, Improvisation, only £340

4-week intensive training, includes Yat stages 1&2, with top acting coaches! £1600; 1-26 April, 5-30 August 2019
Dance warmup



Full details on application:

NEXT SERIES: Part 1: Introduction to the Components, £400
Part 2: Inner Attitudes
Part 3: Externalised Drives
Part 4: Confluence of Externalised Drives
£100 deposit to reserve a place; instalments possible


VOICE; MOVEMENT; courses, Saturdays 1045-1245; 1-3; 3:30-6 pm. Book in for 5 or 10 sessions – for those wanting to build their skills. Separate bookings possible. Start-date 12 January 2019.


Pro actor session

Contact us for further information.
This post is updated with confirmed Dates and Special Events as they come up.

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