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NEW! SCRIPTWRITING WORKSHOP, dates to be confirmed, in Tenerife 1800 € – including free accommodation!
The Giles Foreman Centre for Acting invites you to join us for 7 days in the beautiful Canary Island of Tenerife for a unique screenwriting and directing workshop, in which we put scripts through a rigorous programme of analysis, creative exploration and live experiment with top international acting coach Giles Foreman, a leading screenwriting expert, a producer and 4 amazing actors.

The workshop is in collaboration with the Government of the Canary Islands, who have provided free accommodation in excellent hotels for all the participants. They are keen to promote the islands as an extraordinary location for movie production, with their beautiful landscapes and beaches and production facilities. Already several international productions have shot there including Game of Thrones, Moby Dick, Jason Bourne, Fast&Furious 6, Allied, and Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Included in the workshop is a competition to create a treatment for a movie, located on the Islands, for which the Government of the Canaries would like to explore a potential production (although this cannot be guaranteed)

This workshop is designed for advanced screenwriters and film directors, and is limited to a maximum of 8 participants.
All attendees submit a script or treatment that they are currently developing, and at least 2 scenes.
Giles Foreman leads the participants through the teaching process he has developed which is based on the multiple elements of method acting; he renders the elements into a coherent practical whole, opening the path for participants to create astonishingly authentic, nuanced and complex characters and stories.
The workshop will be both enjoyable and intensive, and the participants will leave with a large range of tools and discoveries to add to their own methodology.

During this workshop you’ll explore:
‣  Defining genre
‣  Developing themes
‣  Devising the world of the story
‣  Creating thematically-based characters
‣  Structuring a character-driven story
‣  The secrets of good dialogue
‣  How to re-write and polish scripts

‣  How to make your script stronger and draw the essence out of the drama, through character objectives and precise psychological detail.
‣  Gain inspiration and leave with a new story, developed with the support of Giles Foreman.

Exploration in detail 

Discover the powerful tools of the method and use expert advice to perfect your skills in story telling. Understand each scene’s rhythm and the psychological activity present in each line of text, in order to dramatically increase the impact on the audience and to enhance the action. Get to the core of your character’s psychological life, learn how to find and make bold choices, and increase the dramatic tension.

Dive into the world of Method Acting and unleash your creativity through methodological questioning of your script, using exercises designed for actors and directors. This exclusive concept will also help ensure your script is fully designed to be performed by actors.
Understand how a character functions psychologically and how it develops motivation and physical expression, thanks to Yat Malmgren & Rudolph Laban’s movement analysis method, in which Giles Foreman is a world expert.
Thanks to the same methodology and a precise use of music during the week, you’ll leave the workshop with a stronger sense of how music works in film and how to use it – even while writing – in order to fuel your imagination and keep it on track and connected.
A brand new concept
This workshop is the first exploration of a brand new concept.
As well as the top tools and methods (described in detail below), 4 actors will be present throughout, to give you the opportunity to see your scenes being enacted in real time during the process of writing.
The process of directing actors in your scenes will allow Giles Foreman to get to the core of the story, finding extra layers and levers, while pushing the stakes to their absolute maximum.

‣ First, we work on different ways to open up creativity and reveal one’s self in order to achieve a new depth of “intimacy in public”. We investigate the writer’s resources, opening them to parts of themselves to which they may not have had access before, in order to put them more fully at the service of their work. Participants also discover techniques to help them explore their creativity in a dramatic way, by developing their instincts and their ability to trust their impulses.
‣ This is followed by rigorous script and character analysis, influenced by the work of  Christopher Fettes, and the system of movement psychology analysis created by Yat Malmgren (joint founders of the renowned Drama Centre London).
‣ We start working on impact, playability and truth in dialogue, the 4 actors being coached as they would be in a top rehearsal room. The process of helping the actors to play the scene at its best leads to in-depth analysis of the scenes and each of their beats, pinpointing any weaker moments and instantly offering a myriad of other possibilities. Method exercises such as the ‘object exercise’, the ‘character private moment’ and the ‘character’s interview’ – created in front of you by the actors – will also offer you a more in-depth knowledge of your creatures.
‣ Finally, themes already addressed during the week – such as research, collaboration and getting work produced in a saturated market – will be addressed specifically, according to the needs of each participant’s individual project.

Day By Day
Day 1: A rigorous analysis of all the projects with Giles, Evangelo and the actors.
Premise, theme, structure, character, genre etc will be challenged. Is it coherent, is it actable, directable, accessible?
Participants will be introduced to the theory of the Method and how we break down a script.
Each evening the participants will have time to develop their treatment and scenes based on the daily feedback.
Day 2: Screenwriters and directors will act in each others’ scripts, improvising, to understand the challenges that they present to the actor. Are they able to communicate their vision?
A representative of the Island will take participants on a tour of the Island to inspire ideas.
Day 3: Giles will give the participants tools to develop characters and situations, through improvisation and acting exercises – back stories, through-line, character biographies. He will introduce the extraordinary work of Yat Malmgren and Rudolph Laban, the theory of human expression.
Are your characters psychologically rounded, clear? Do they have a rich, layered inner and outer life? Are the given circumstances in which they operate coherent?
Day 4: Evangelo will focus on idea-generation to create a project for the Canary Islands. Brainstorming and creation of a perfect treatment.
Day 5: Directors and screenwriters will direct the actors and shoot the scenes in embryonic fashion (This continues on day 6)
First ideas and more work with Evangelo to develop Canary Island treatment ideas, and to continue development of your own pieces.
Day 6: Further shooting and development.
Day 7. A day of review and analysis of the entire week’s work.
Ideas for the Canary Islands project will be sent to the film development department, and a winner announced.

‣  Giles Foreman has trained many working film, TV and stage actors, and several working stage directors, in five years of intensive actor-training in his two schools: GFCA London & GFCA Paris.
‣ He produced the Oscar-nominated La Femme et le TGV – in which Lucien Guignard (graduate of GFCA London), played a leading role alongside legendary actor Jane Birkin.
‣ He has worked as an acting coach on numerous productions, including award-winning films: Romeos – Berlin Eins – Blood Glacier – Lina – Der Verdacht – Der Goalie Bin Ig – Wetlands – La Femme et le TGV
‣ One of his (GFCA London-trained) actors played a main character in Oscar-winning short film Stutterer.
‣ In his 30 years of work, he has directed 25 – 30 plays in a repertoire including Chekhov, Molière, Racine, Schiller, Greek tragedy and the Spanish Golden Age, as well as contemporary writers.
‣ Among the major actors he has coached are Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones, Star Wars), Santiago Cabrera,(Che, Heroes, Merlin), Ryan Gage (The Hobbit) and Carla Juri (Wetland)
‣ He directed UK star actor Maureen Lipman in his own film Job’s Dinner
‣ As well as the two intensive acting centres he has created, he directs successful workshops for actors, directors and screenwriters from all around the world including the UK, Spain, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Australia, USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg & Austria.
‣ Today, he is the originator, producer and co-writer of several films currently in development for top production companies in Paris, London and the USA.
Giles Foreman is a leading acting coach. Head of two intensive acting centres in London and Paris, he is an expert in realism and movement psychology – Yat Malmgren and Rudolf Laban’s revolutionary legacy – that he presents to a new generation of actors, directors and screenwriters.

‣ Evangelo formed the Canadian production company CHRONICLE PICTURES, co-wrote and produced the award-winning Global Television drama DECEMBER, 1917 and was Associate Producer on Chronicle’s first feature, TOUCH AND GO.
‣ He directed two productions for Redstar Films: an adaptation of JULIUS CAESAR for CHUM Television and the pilot VISIONARIES for Vision TV.
‣ Evangelo relocated to London and formed MIRROR Productions with Simon Baxter, to produce original projects across all genres, with a commitment to bold new voices in the international market.
‣ Evangelo produced PETROLEUM SPIRIT (2015), the debut film from acclaimed commercials writer/director Rob Sanders, followed by Tom Paton’s hit PANDORICA (2016).
‣ Evangelo is currently producing VITA & VIRGINIA, inspired by Dame Eileen Atkins’ acclaimed stage play chronicling the love affair between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville West, and he is developing 3 other features for production in 2017-18.

Tenerife: With amazing weather, Tenerife is probably one of the last European paradise isles. It offers lush forests, exotic fauna and flora, deserts, mountains, volcanoes, incredibly beautiful coastlines and spectacular beaches.
Hotel details will be communicated to you later, after your application has been accepted (it has been arranged by the government of the Canary Islands).
Transportation to join us is not included in the workshop fee. We ask you please to book a flight landing at Tenerife airport on the 29th of October.
All budget airlines fly into Tenerife South airport. Transfers to the hotel take 15-30 minutes .
A taxi (officialtaxitenerife.com) from Tenerife South airport to the hotel costs 30 €
Entry procedure
‣ Applicants should fill in the registration form, send in a CV and submit their script or treatment before September 8th.
‣ If accepted, a non-refundable deposit of 600 € must be paid before January 18th to secure the place
‣ Deadline February 10th for full booking

Course cost
‣ 1800 € – including free hotel accommodation


photograph by Miguel Bardem

Giles with Spanish actors in Madrid

GFCA PARIS: full-time study, part-time courses and workshops.
GFCA BERLIN Co-ordinator, Silke Geertz
GFCA LUXEMBOURG Co-ordinator, Tara Donnell
GFCA NYC Workshops in NYC & LA with top coaches
GFCA ZURICH with Barbara Fischer
FOCAL, based in Zurich
GFCA ROME Co-ordinator, Elisabetta Bottoni

4-Week Acting Intensive Training in London! GFCA APRIL / AUGUST 4-Week ACTING INTENSIVE TRAINING IN LONDON! 4 weeks of intensive training with Giles Foreman and expert colleagues, including Character Analysis Stages 1 & 2; and options to explore London’s attractions! Dates.
NEWS! INTERNATIONAL CHARACTER ANALYSIS IN LONDON! STAGE 1:  STAGE 2. Dates. Intensive training with Giles Foreman and expert colleagues!

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Giles Foreman is coming to NYC and LA in February 2018

GFCA workshops are designed to introduce NY & LA actors to the work of the Drama Centre, London – as taught when Giles trained there, and as he now teaches at GFCA London, Paris and other European cities.

The training is essentially a fusion of Stanislavski, the American evolution of the method, with European classicism and the extraordinary work of Yat Malmgren – a fascinating analysis of human expression accompanied by a series of practical acting exercises that lead the actor to psychologically and physically accurate transformation, using Shakespeare’s characters (amongst others) as a basis.

More about GFCA NYC Acting workshops:
Arguably the most important question that an actor needs to confront himself or herself with when tackling a new character, is WHAT DO I WANT? and perhaps even more importantly, WHY DO I WANT IT?

There are both conscious and unconscious reasons that drive a character’s motivations – and the conclusions that an actor comes to, shape the entire interpretation of that character’s psychological life, and in fact the entire story that you are telling.

If an actor can truly personalise what a character wants on both an inner and outer level, he is supplied with an energy that can hold an audience gripped for the entirety of the film or theatre play. In fact, we soon come to understand that a character’s motivation comes out of who he is on a deep psychological level.

This is a fascinating area of an actor’s work, and the workshops are designed to give you a pathway to discover and connect with a character’s deep motivation. We look at various methodologies to get to a character’s motivation and then to connect to it personally and make it your own – primarily throughout the work of Yat Malmgren and Lee Strasberg.
We ask each actor to prepare two monologues, one classical and one modern.
To reserve a place in the workshop, please email for details.


Ground floor studio, GFCA Paris

Ground floor studio, GFCA Paris

Basement studio, Paris

Basement studio, GFCA Paris

Our Centre in Paris! – GFCA PARIS offers the same high standard of training with many of the same team of coaches, with a 16-month Advanced Intensive Acting Diploma, a Foundation Diploma in Acting, Acting-in-English Intensive training, and a wide range of part-time classes, Industry events and workshops for actors at all levels.

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An exciting series of monthly weekend acting workshops in Luxembourg plus other opportunities, co-ordinated by Actress Tara Donnell: session leaders include Giles Foreman, Dylan Brown, Dannie-Lu Carr, and Lena Lessing.

An Acting class begins, led by Dylan Brown

An Acting class begins, led by Dylan Brown


GFCA ZURICH – Offers exciting acting classes, workshops and other opportunities, led by Acting coach and Character Analysis expert Barbara Fischer: session leaders include Giles Foreman.

GFCA in London

Jazz at Pizza Express on Dean St.

Jazz at Pizza Express on Dean St.

A few of Soho’s varied attractions for visitors to our London Centre. We are close to many of London’s top theatres, clubs, restaurants, music venues, art galleries and shops.

Soho Theatre and bar, 2 doors away

Soho Theatre and bar, 2 doors away

Dean St at night

Dean St at night

Quo Vadis on Dean Street

Quo Vadis on Dean Street